Two types of check-in are possible:

Remote check-in: save time!

You can check in before you go to the airport, if your airline proposes this via its website. Remember to print out your travel documents (electronic ticket and boarding card).

Depending on the choice made by your airline, you can also use your mobile phone: the check-in will be confirmed to you by SMS. Keep your mobile phone within reach when you get to the airport.

This check-in method will allow you to go directly to the boarding area if you are travelling without luggage, or to go to the dedicated desk if you have to check in your hold luggage.

Remote check-in is not possible in certain cases.  

Checking in at the airport:

At the airport, depending on the choice made by your airline, two types of check-in are possible:

  • on the self-service check-in terminals 
With your electronic ticket, you can check in within five hours of your flight’s departure

  • at a check-in desk 
To find the right one, flight information display screens indicate which departure hall to go to for each flight time